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Even with apps we really like [...] bundle ware can sneak in if you're not extremely careful when checking those boxes. Unchecky makes this much easier by automatically deselecting bundle ware.

Eric Ravenscraft on LifeHacker

Does it work? Yes, in our first tests: boxes were unchecked, warnings were displayed, it's all very impressive.

Mike Williams on PC Advisor

A reliable application that aims to protect your computer against third-party components. Editor's rating: 5.0/5.

Giorgiana Arghire on Softpedia

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Pplware (Portuguese), Programosy (Polish), Korben (French), Лайфхакер (Russian), Neoteo (Spanish), Navigaweb (Italian).

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Demonstrating Unchecky
Avoid Bloatware and Toolbars
(Russian) Unchecky - защита от нечистоплотных установщиков
(French) Se protéger contre les toolbars et les malwares avec Unchecky